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Plexus Co., Ltd.

2002Established Taiwan Plexus Co., Ltd.。

  Plexus Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Taiwan Baolis Group and is committed to representing various electronic components services. PLEXUS has more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor distribution field, focusing on the sale of semiconductor discrete devices in the power supply segment of electronic products, including computer PC motherboards, mobile phone management power supplies, inverters, motors, automotive electronics, household appliances and other industrial products. . PLEXUS has an excellent sales management team. Currently, the brands are: APEC Fuding Advanced, GMT (New Technology), Diodes, Lite-On, Infineon, Vishay, AOS, Panasonic, AVX tantalum capacitors, etc. We have a mature technical team and perfect supply chain management to provide customers with professional services such as rapid sample, application consulting, solution design and after-sales logistics. PLEXUS is dedicated to providing a full range of services to domestic and foreign customers, and hopes to cooperate with new and old customers to achieve mutual benefit.